USA – Carrom World Cup 2010 – 27/09- 01/10

Dear friends,
I am glad to inform you, that the US Carrom Federation has now confirmed the dates and venue of the Carrom World Cup 2010.
It will be held from 27th September to 1st. October 2010 at Richmond, Virginia. Arrival on 26th September.
The Prospectus of the World Cup will be released soon, by the Secretary General of the ICF.
Meanwhile you can start your own preparations and plan your national activities accordingly.

I may further inform you that the Carrom friends of the Czech Republic have now decided to establish an national Carrom federation this year in their country.

On 16th January an interesting International Novuss tournament was organised at Köln (Cologne) Germany by the Novuss Federation of Germany in cooperation with the German Carrom Federation. (The game of Novuss has some similarity with Carrom. The Novuss players from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany etc. also played Carrom and have promissed to introduce Carrom in their respective countries and cooperate with us in future.
Wile the GCF, under the leadership of Joerg Kijanski, helped Novuss in organising the function, I conveyed the Greetings from the ECC.

Greetings to all

Arif Naqvi

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